Our History

Established in 1997, the Sri Lankan Community Social Club in Oman serves as a hub for Sri Lankans residing in Oman, catering to their social, cultural, and sporting needs. With a focus on promoting understanding and fellowship among its members, the club has evolved over the years. Today, it proudly boasts spacious club grounds at the Oman Automobile Association premises in Seeb, along with an administrative clubhouse in Madinat Qaboos. Let’s explore the club’s amenities and offerings that enrich the experiences of its members.

Club Facilities and Grounds

The Sri Lankan Community Social Club in Oman offers a range of amenities for its members. The club grounds feature a dedicated children’s playground, recreational buildings, a volleyball court, and a stage for performances and club functions. With a spacious shaded area for spectators, members can enjoy various events and activities in a comfortable environment. Additionally, during its earlier years, the club included an office, a recreational area, a video library, and an outdoor badminton court, enhancing the recreational options available to members.

Social and Cultural Engagement

The club is committed to fostering a sense of community and cultural pride among Sri Lankans in Oman. Through a calendar of social and cultural events, members have the opportunity to celebrate Sri Lankan traditions, festivals, and customs. These events serve as a platform for showcasing Sri Lankan music, dance, cuisine, and artistic performances, enabling members to connect with their heritage and share it with others.

Sporting Activities

Recognizing the importance of sports in promoting a healthy lifestyle and camaraderie, the Sri Lankan Community Social Club in Oman organizes sporting activities for its members. These activities may include friendly matches, tournaments, and leagues in various sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton, and more. Sports enthusiasts can engage in friendly competition while strengthening bonds within the community.

Networking and Friendship

The club provides a conducive environment for Sri Lankans to connect, network, and form lasting friendships. Members have the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, sharing experiences and building a strong support system. The sense of camaraderie and unity within the club contributes to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, fostering lifelong friendships among its members.

Community Outreach

Emphasizing the importance of giving back, the Sri Lankan Community Social Club in Oman actively engages in community outreach initiatives. Through charitable activities, fundraising events, and collaborations with local organizations, the club seeks to make a positive impact on society. Members can participate in these initiatives, contributing to the welfare of both the Sri Lankan community and the broader Omani society.

Since its inception in 1997, the Sri Lankan Community Social Club in Oman has flourished into a vibrant organization that serves as a cultural, social, and sporting hub for Sri Lankans residing in Oman. With its well-equipped club grounds, a focus on fostering understanding and fellowship, and a diverse range of activities, the club continues to enrich the experiences of its members. By promoting unity, celebrating culture, and providing opportunities for personal growth, the club stands as a testament to the power of community and friendship.

In 2003, March 21st, Club was continued it’s activities having it’s 6th of Annual General Meeting. Subsequently  they had formed a new Management Committee naming following twelve members:

        1. Mr Anselm Perera President
        2. Mr Sanath Hemachandra Vice President
        3. Mr Mahanama Maldeniya General Secretary
        4. Mr Aloy Gomez Treasurer
        5. Mr Upali Goonawardena Asst. General Secretary
        6. Mr Rasika De Silva Asst Treasurer
        7. Mr Kosala Wijesingha Entertainment Secretary
        8. Mr S M Vivegananthan Cultural Secretary
        9. Mr Sriyanatha Premachandra Sports Secretary
        10. Mrs Astrid Panditharatna Women’s Coordinator
        11. Mr Tuwan Sarifraz Sabe Member
        12. Mrs Kumudini Peiris Member

Past President

here to be updated the past presidents



A historical photo of a Past Board of Directors during 2003-2004

  • From left to right: 1st row- Astrid Panditharatna, M A M Maldeniya, K J Anselm Perera (President),
    Sanath Hemachandra, Aloy Gomez, Kumudini Peiris
  • 2nd row- Max jayamanne (Hon.Auditor), S M Vivegananthan, S Jegarajan,
    Kosala Wijesingha, Rasika De Silva, Sriyantha Premachandra,
    Srinath Aponso (Hon.Auditor), Tuwan S Sabeer, Upali Goonawardena (absent)


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