To A Peacock

The peacock with its blue and green beauty,

Feathers as sharp as the thorns on a rose stem
And wings spreading in a flash with grace and dignity.

Your gait a talented dance, your colours a blinding light,
Your eyes hypnotizing any other when glanced at
And in a moment could be a out of sight.

Seeds lay awaiting the days of the country,
Dehydrated bodies waiting for a miracle of floods

When suddenly a mystical blue flows and stops their misery.

Your art is barely seen, yet you bring wonder to eyes,
Though you’re flightless and always unpredictable
Your grace is a never-ending river of wonders with no ice.

Black rain, raging fire, grumbling earth and roaring wind may join forces,
Showering you with endless songs of suffering and bad luck
Yet your spirit creates a universe of love and destroys the evil causes.

Let that dance of love begin and create happiness over misery,
Waltz the spell of grace and create a world without hatred or anger
For in your movement are the powers of enchantment and mystery.

The fire in your spirit burns every desire in greedy hearts,
A hidden melody began to play when you first opened those eyes
Hearts entwined and a silken thread of music rang through hearts like darts.

Your sound shone through souls like sunlight does through flowers,

Bringing wisdom, intelligence and peace to those who needed it the most
And in doing so brought gentleness and friendship in showers.

You belong in the sky says the music of the night through your glances,
Laughter and movement, but instead you remain here,
To remind us to make the most of the time that is given to us.

Alas! A day like no other came like the breaking of a vase,
When the sun seems to be no more and the mind seems to know no more
The pain in my heart did not seem to pass.

Your body lay lifeless and your eyes a never-ending sigh,
Resting in old age after serving its purpose here
He finally goes to where he belongs: the sky.

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